Downsize Diary: One Day More ……

Downsize Diary:  One Day More ……

Where has the time gone.  Only One Day More until we move to the seaside at Hornsea.  We are, to put it not very politely, knackered!  Erik’s knee has gone wonky, and my feet and ankles are so worn out, having trecked up and down 3 floors of our Victorian house so many times – but Only Day More!

We have had the most amazing help from our friends and family, and we really couldn’t have done it without them.  Thanks so much to all of you, we really are grateful.

So now, it’s 5.58 am and I am typing this before our computer friend, Phil Brown, turns up today to turn off our computers and takes them away for safe keeping until next week.  So Sharing Our Food Adventures will have a small holiday at the seaside, and will be back in a week or two, probably written on a new MAC and will soon be tweaked into a slightly more professional set up (but still written by us amateurs) and I am hoping to learn a few new computer skills from our friend Katrina of Kat Productions in Beverley (will be in touch very soon Kat).

What a week to move!!  Snow, ice, – what else can the elements throw at us.  But we have some amazing removal men, who are (guess what) – real foodies!  Not that they have stopped working, but in tea breaks it turns out one of the lads worked for a year in the top Beverley restaurant, Whites, and would you believe what his chef ex-boss got for Christmas.  “Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian” – the cook book by Sat Bains and designed by Designer Son, Anthony.  What a small world.  So for a few minutes I was taken away from the dust and packing and transported back into my favourite world of talking about Michelin star chefs – Tom Kerridge, Will Holland, Tom Kitchin, Michael Cains and Richard Corrigan.  We had a sort of ‘Who’s your favourite chef’ moment – it was a lovely break in the midst of the chaos that is our house.

So Downsize Diary has nearly come to the end of its life, but will be superceeded by the story of us creating our new house (and I will be lucky enough to create a new kitchen and garden from scratch), so aren’t I a lucky girl!  A new Kitchen Garden is already taking shape in my mind, the Asparagus Bed is going to be dug before too long so that I can plant my one-year crowns this march.  And we are also planning an Outdoor Kitchen, under cover, for my Wood-fired oven and Barbecue.  What a great garden it will be, providing Erik’s knee reverts to normal and my feet and ankles have a little rest and stop hurting.

So – think of us on the 17th January, or even better, think of us on the 18th January, waking up in our new house and just enjoying being there.  Everything else will fall into place gradually, and I am so looking forward to it.

We will be back with you soon, so keep looking out for us, and keep warm.

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