What a difference a year makes ……

What a difference a year makes ……

Astrid & Grandaughter Tilly - Xmas 2013
Astrid & Grandaughter Tilly – Xmas 2013

This time last year, January 2014, as some of you readers may know, I was incredibly worried and didn’t know who to turn to.  3 days after Christmas, 2013, I woke up to discover 2 ‘lumps’.  New Years Eve, 2013, saw me not having my hair or nails done for a New Year’s Eve party, but sitting in my doctor’s surgery, nibbling at my nails and discussing my worries.  She marked me down as ‘Urgent’, which resulted in my brilliant local hospital and Centre of Excellence, Castle Hill Hospital at Willerby, East Yorkshire, call me in within 2 weeks.

And the rest is History.

Above is a picture of myself with my gorgeous granddaughter, Tilly, and Hair.  The Hair soon went, within 3 weeks of starting the first mix of chemotherapy drugs.

But I have been incredibly lucky – maybe because, although terrified about Breast Cancer, I went asap to my doctor, and the hospital got to work on me very quickly.  To anyone out there experiencing the same worries I did, go and see your doctor straight away. So 2014, for me, and for the very supportive Erik, was a mixture of hospital visits, blood tests, chemotherapy drips, great nurses and doctors, 2 tiny operations, 15 radiotherapy treatments and suddenly, at the end of the year, declared clear!!

So, for us, and my family, 2015 is a totally different year.  A year of smiles, hope, and looking forward, once again, to cooking up a storm, fixing our house, building  more raised beds in our Kitchen Garden, creating our flower garden and one day (hopefully) our Outdoor Kitchen.  I am feeling fantastic – getting all my old energy and appetite back, and raring to go.  I’ve learnt a lot about myself, and … well … I suppose I do look at life a bit differently now, and realise how absolutely lucky I am.  My life will be a little more precious to me now, and I won’t take anything for granted, ever again.

Astrid, with Hair, January, 2015
Astrid, with Hair, January, 2015

And …… almost 2 stone slimmer, and the Hair is coming back.  Very slowly, very curly and a total mix of silver, dark grey, blond tips and very streaky.  Heaven knows what it will turn out like, but I honestly don’t care.  I’m back, and I utter “Thank You” many times a day.

So watch this space for news of Food, Adventures, Kitchen Gardens, Plants, Bathrooms, Extensions, Decorating, Furniture and anything else I get time to enjoy.

So you can see what a difference a year makes to me and my family – and I hope 2015 will be a year of peace, happiness and tranquillity for everyone. 

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