How to find the right cookware?

How to find the right cookware? This is the question we have been asked so many times.

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For artist and artisan alike, using the right tools and materials for the task at hand is vital to the process of creation. In the cookware world there is a myriad of confusing choices and an incredible range of prices. So how do you choose?

We have had the experience of creating and running one of the UK’s finest independent cookware shops supplying the public and restaurants alike. We have now moved on to other enterprises since but we are still avid users and followers of cookware and the changes in its technology. That is why we intend to create a section of our blog to helping people find the best tools and utensils to achieve their culinary ambitions.

Two Golden Rules to finding the right Cookware:

If someone describes an item as “ a handy little gadget that you will find indispensible” – RUN AWAY !

Refroisseur a vin in French, In Yorkshire it’s pronounced “Bucket”. The right cookware for the job, available in hardware stores everywhere.

Less is More. Buying every item in the cookshop will do nothing for your cooking. Be selective and always go for quality over so-called bargains. We know of a Michelin-starred chef who has only one knife that he uses for everything. He bought it at catering college and he still is using it almost 20 years later.

As a footnote to the above, if you are a compulsive type who has a kitchen crammed with all sorts of cookware and esoteric devices they you have amassed over decades, including things you have yet to use – join the club. We just couldn’t resist.

So … How to find the right cookware?  Click on the relevant titles below for more information:

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