Compost Heap – I’m so excited!

Yes.  Excited!  I can’t believe it myself.  Oh how my life has changed.  It used to be new shoes, or a new dress or even having my nails done.  But now …… it’s a compost heap, made by Erik.  This is it – the start of our new Kitchen Garden.  OK, it’s a small start, and to most people not the most beautiful object to excite them, but to me it’s the beginning.

Compost heap – the start of our dream Kitchen Garden

It’s wierd really – for 5 years I have been slavishly saving all my vegetable peelings to help make a rich compost, which really made a difference to my Kitchen Garden produce and the flowers in my garden.  Suddenly, moving to another house and cooking for almost 5 weeks I felt so bad putting my peelings etc into our general rubbish, not into a compost heap.  But now I’m back on track.  The tiny makings of our next rich, loamy, worm-filled nectar that is going to enrich our fruit and vegetables.  With the addition of the odd cardboard box, some grass clippings, tea bags and all those wonderful items that go on to make rich compost, it won’t be long before this compost heap is filled.  But it will be a couple of years before it will have broken down sufficiently enough for me to scatter it over our Kitchen Garden beds.

Daisy’s not as excited as I am with our compost heap!

Daisy sauntered up the garden with me, to take a look at Erik’s handy work re: the compost heap, but was more interested in me throwing her a stick, bless her.  Oh well, can’t really expect her to be excited.

But keep watching this space, because next week I’m getting a new computer, and going to update the site.  There is so much I want to write about, what with the Kitchen Garden, planning a new Kitchen and a new Outdoor Kitchen.  Not to mention the flower garden, and decorate every room in the house.  Looks like I’ll be writing this blog (again) at 5.30 am so that I can fit everything else in.  Including a walk along the beach.  Oh, how I’m looking forward to the next few years.



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