Christmas 2011 – Presents for Cookbook Addicts

Christmas 2011 –  Presents for Cookbook Addicts

Here are some suggestions for Cookbooks that have been published recently, for serious addicts.  See what you think, and if you want to see more information or buy them from Amazon, just click on the title.

Amazon are offering special deals and slashing the prices almost from day to day, so the price I have written is a guideline, but click on my Amazon link and see what good deals they are offering today.


This is ‘River Cottage Veg Everyday!’ by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and will be on the Christmas Wish List of all who ‘Grow Their Own’ (including me), and all who want to increase the amount of healthy and tasty vegetables in their diet.  Over 100 5 Star reviews on Amazon, so I, for one, hope Santa will bring me a copy for Christmas.

ONLY £9.99 from Amazon – Click Here for River Cottage Veg Everyday!


Jamie’s Great Britain

Jamie Oliver has gone and done it again in ‘Jamie’s Great Britain’. Judging by the reviews, he’s taken the great British classics, kept some almost the same but given a lot of them a new twist,  a new interpretation, taking into account the different varieties of food, herbs and spices that have crept into our British diet.  Sounds as if it could be fun.

ONLY £9.99 from Amazon – Click Here for ‘Jamie’s Great Britain


Home Cooking Made Easy

Lorraine Pascale has scaled the heights of the Cookbook Best 100 List with her ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’.  Watching her on the TV, she appeared to be so relaxed, and made her recipes seem so easy.  According to the reviews (over 40 5 Star reviews) Lorraine’s recipes for both Sweet and Savory dishes are incredibly easy to follow, and the finished dishes are as mouthwatering to eat as they look on the page.  Praise indeed.

ONLY £9.99 from Amazon – Click here for ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’


Heston Blumenthal At Home

Heston Blumenthal has at last bought out a cookbook that the serious Home cook can take a stab at.  This, according to the reviews, is a more do-able recipe book, and Heston explains in more simple terms his techniques and why they work.  It sounds fascinating, and could begin to change our normal cooking habits forever. But he gives us the knowledge to cook his Triple-Cooked Chips, so that’s one for me.

ONLY £15.00 from Amazon – Click Here for ‘Heston Blumenthal At Home’


Flash Cooking – Fit Fast Flavours for Busy People

Laura Santtini has produced a very different type of Cook Book with her ‘Flash Cooking – Fit Fast Flavours for Busy People’.  The book is apparently ‘designed to promote wellbeing and keep us trim and fit’.  The recipes are virtually carbohydrate-free, but the use of mouthwatering  ‘flavour bombs’  in the form of healthy pastes, rubs, salts and seasonings, which when added to meat, fish and vegetables add a flavour that tantalises the tastebuds and satisfies the appetite.  Sound a fascinating book.

ONLY £11.40 on Amazon – Click Here for “Flash Cooking’


The Great British Bake Off

‘The Great British Bake Off’ took Britain by storm this year – I think the whole country has been turned on to Baking, and the number of times I hear of friends at work who have organised Bake Offs with their work colleagues is amazing! If not a baker, this is the book that will inspire you to bake, and will stimulate your creative imagination with the fabulous designs and decorating ideas. With Britain’s most loved Baker, Mary Berry and our national Bread Hero, Paul Hollywood, I defy anyone not to have a go after reading this book.

ONLY £9.89 on Amazon – Click for ‘The Great British Bake Off”.


The Hairy Bikers Perfect Pies

Those great lads, Si and Dave, have come up with the ultimate Pie recipe book, ‘The Hairy Bikers Perfect Pies – the Ultimate Pie Bible from the Kings of Pies.’  Awarded 34 5* Reviews, this is a must for all of us that love Pies.  Sweet, Savory, Vegetarian, big and small – there are recipes for all tastes and occasions.  Tips on pastry making, how to cheat, and how to use up left-over pastry by making tarts, Cheese Straws etc.  Great.  Want it!

ONLY £8.99 on Amazon – Click Here for ‘The Hairy Bikers Perfect Pies’


Christmas with Gordon – Gordon Ramseys Christmas Recipes

Well, I had to put this book by Gordon Ramsey in, after reading the reviews.  All good.  ‘Christmas with Gordon’ sounds as if it need a reasonably good home chef, who can use Gordon’s recipes as a base, and then play with them. There are 5 Christmas Feasts (which you can mix and match), Breakfast and Brunch, Supper, Party Food, tips on ordering, preparation and timing. It does sound an interesting cook book, and well-worth putting on your list.

Only £8.70 from Amazon – Click Here for ‘Christmas with Gordon’


Delia’s Happy Christmas – A new Christmas Classic

‘Delia’s Happy Christmas’ is the modern, updated version of her classic ‘Delia Smith’s Christmas’ from the early 1990s. It is a fabulous Christmas cook book, and although it echoes some of her classic recipes from the early book, it has a huge amount of new recipes, which move with the times. More vegetarian dishes, and lots of help for Christmas cook ‘first-timers’, plus lots of Party foods, including some for Hogmany.  Everyone should have both this Delia and her earlier one, then Christmas food will be ‘sorted’


ONLY £13.00 from Amazon – Click For ‘Delia’s Happy Christmas’


Delia Smith’s Christmas – The Original

So here is Delia’s original Christmas cook book, one that took the world by storm because of its common sense, help with organising our Christmas menus and fabulous recipes that covered every occasion.  Plus it still gives a brilliant 36-hour countdown to achieving your perfect Christmas dinner.  I would seriously give this as a pair with the book above for those starting off on their Christmas catering adventures in life. Like me, they will keep them forever and constantly refer to the gradually grubbier pages for Delia’a calm advice.

ONLY £9.09 from Amazon – Click Here for ‘Delia Smith’s Christmas’


Fresh from the Freezer – Ghillie James

Another very practical book at this time of year when we want to prepare ahead and not waste any leftovers.  14 5* Reviews have convinced me that I must order this myself, as it is a book that has moved with the times and the technology.  ‘Utterly delicious’ was one phrase used for Ghillies recipes, and more praise was heaped on the book for its tips and help for busy families.

ONLY £10.57 from Amazon – Click Here for ‘Fresh from the Freezer’

Loose Birds & Game – Andrew Pern

‘Loose Birds & Game’ is a substantial book, beautiful to look at, with stunning photography and incredibly informative.  There are no blood and guts in this book, but a great story from Chef Andrew Pern (surprisingly as good a writer as he is a chef) and he shares his mouthwatering recipes, using a huge variety of ‘Loose Birds and Game’, including poultry and fish. Chef’s tips, snacks and drinks recipes, and wine tasting notes are included.

ONLY £23.39 from Amazon – Click Here for ‘Loose Birds & Game’

On The Menu by James Mackenzie

“On The Menu” has just been released, being the first cook book from Michelin star chef, James Mackenzie, of The Pipe and Glass, South Dalton, East Yorkshire. This is a substantial and stunning book, echoing the quality of James’ superb food, equally as good when eaten in the pub bar as in the restaurant. The exquisite photography of Jason Lowe conveys the quality of  James’ food and the comfort and style of The Pipe and Glass. From Beer Braised Oxtail to the perfect Chocolate Brownie, there are recipes that cater for every level of home chef to have a go at. Mouthwatering food and incredible pictures – I hope I get one.
ONLY £19.50 from Amazon – Click Here for “on The Menu”
















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