Christmas Recipes and Tips

Christmas at our old house
Christmas Recipes and Tips – Christmas at our old house

Christmas Recipes & Tips

If you need any Christmas Recipes and Tips for preparing a relaxing Christmas Dinner or Christmas meal for friends, just go to the ‘Food’ section on the Menu bar above, travel down to the bottom and click on ‘Christmas’.
We have loads of Recipes, Tips and info gleaned over the years on how to cope with cooking for Christmas. I can’t believe how many posts I have written on the blog about Christmas, because we  only started in 2011. Some of the classic recipes originally hale from Mrs Beeton, Mary Berry, Delia Smith and even my Mum, changed over the years to give them a more personal touch. Turkey Stock, Forcemeat Stuffing, Crispy Roast Potatoes …… you name it, most of the recipes for sharing food with family and friends are in our posts.

For me the most important thing about cooking for family and friends at Christmas is to try and be as relaxed as possible, so there are loads of ‘get ahead’ Christmas Recipes and Tips to help, particularly if you are a ‘Christmas Cook Novice’. If you manage to get organised, it means you can enjoy the fun and share good times with the people you love.

Hope it helps, and if you’re like me, the best bit of a meal is sitting around the table and just quietly watching the diners enjoying your food.

Christmas Present Time Again!

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