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Christmas Eve

It’s 6.30am, Christmas Eve, and I’m sitting in my little office in my pink dressing gown, trying to be creative. I’ve already done Facebook, ticking a few likes, saying Happy Christmas to my ‘friends’ and ignoring loads of nuisance adverts.  But I’m amazed at the hundreds of readers that have shown an interest in my Forcemeat Stuffing recipe – it appears that it will be eaten around the world!! Just make sure that you add the beaten egg, as it puffs up the stuffing so that it is lighter and has crispy bits on the top.  Hope you enjoy it.

Sadly the news isn’t brilliant out there, in Facebook news land, on this Christmas Eve, and makes sad reading, re. the Taliban.  I feel sorry for both the soldiers on both sides being manipulated by those thousands of miles away, sitting in safety, and feel so lucky that I live in East Yorkshire.  My heart goes out to the women who live in such a terrifying land, and I feel so helpless for them.

But we just get on with living here, hoping to enjoy and celebrate Christmas in our own way, and reaching out to people.  My schooldays were spent at a Church of England school, with an assembly every day, and even though I didn’t really realise that I was being taught the teachings of Jesus, I grew up believing that we should treat people as we would, ourselves, wish to be treated, and have always tried to follow that in my life. I’m not saying that I always succeeded, but I still feel strongly that a religion that reaches out to people, tries to bring out the good  in everyone and uses Love as it’s main strength is far, far better than one violating children, women and old people just because they don’t have the same religious beliefs (or just male strength).

After having gone through last year, thinking I may not live to see another year, but being lucky enough to have received an “All Clear”, I have realised how precious life is, and the dream to watch my grandchildren grow a few years older, and be there for them, is pulsing strongly through my veins.  My wish for 2016, if I could do anything at all, would be to flood the world with love, and, in my mum’s words, “Bang the heads of the World so-called leaders together” and get them to think in broader terms of World Peace.  Our children and grandchildren need and deserve us to fight for them, not just in physical terms but by using our brains, and try to change a world that thinks selling arms to any weird group to make a personal fortune is maybe not the best way forward for this planet.  

Apologies to those who think a food blog shouldn’t write about such topics, but hey, it is Christmas, and the world is very messed up, and I’m sure that there are millions of mums or grandmothers who, like me, wake up early and think about the dangerous inheritance we are leaving our descendants.  Let’s revel in our differences – it would be so boring if we were all the same – and whatever religion (or no religion), let’s really reach out, smile and learn to love the people of our world.  All of us.

So, time to get dressed now, this Christmas Eve, and get on with making my Forcemeat stuffing,  mince pies, shortbread biscuits and some sort of chocolate dessert for our Christmas Day meal.  I just want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and let’s all hope that 2016 will be a better and safe year for the World, and maybe some sense will be knocked into the heads of those ‘in charge’.

Let’s try and make it happen, and make it a better place for all.  Please.

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