Chemo finished, Appetite Returning …..

Can’t believe it, but my Chemo sessions are finished.  The nasty (but clever) drug has almost cleared my system so with that and my appetite returning I am ready to rock and roll! Well, at my age, ready to cook, dig, weed, plant, birdwatch, owl watch,  plan my kitchen and extension, decorate, see more of my family and friends, and just catch up on these last few months.

OK.  I’m so thrilled that I’ve got through the Chemotherapy treatment, with a great big lot of help from the brilliant Castle Hill Hospital in East Yorkshire (so many thanks to all who work there).  The drugs worked their magic so well that I just need a tiny operation, and so by early September I will be almost back to normal. My hair should start sprouting in a few weeks, and we are all having bets as to whether it will be my usual slightly streaky mid-brown, white as a bed sheet or black as the ace of spades!  And will it be curly, or my usual sort of straight with a hit of a curl?  And, hopefully, my eyelashes will return in abundance (I’ve always been blessed with long, curly ones, albeit quite fair – but my black waterproof mascara is poised, ready and waiting, to give me my eyes back).  Now, if my eyelashes returned as slightly darker, I wouldn’t need mascara, would I? But, whatever colour they are, they will be welcomed warmly.

So from now on, I have so much to write about, and just have to decide where to start.  Anything to do with food will obviously be important, and feature strongly now my appetite is returning.  It disappeared so completely that even water, that I have always loved, tasted foul. I lost one and a half stone in weight, which, although frowned upon by the hospital, suits me and I feel so much better for it, clothes wise.  But now my tastebuds are returning to normal, food is once more so important to me.

Plus there is so much to catch up on in my garden, and house.  My mini-orchard, which I planted when I began the Chemo with the nice drug, is coming on, and I will write about that, plus all the soft fruit, which is ripening.  The first raised bed is in place, and the flower garden is taking shape.  Loads of bees and butterflies are buzzing and floating around the garden, so I am thrilled with that. Plus we have families of blackbirds, robins, bluetits, great tits, and a commune of the little, funny mad long-tailed tits.  Musn’t forget to mention the owls – Erik spied a huge tawny or long-earred owl high up in the fork of a tree in our orchard, then realised that Mummy Owl had two fluffy cream baby owls, also in the trees, that she was teaching to fly.  We hear the calls at night, as we go to bed, and just love it.

So, Chemo finished, Appetite returning, and loads to write about, so forgive me for slowing up for a few months, but I will be back to writing about our food and other adventures with a vengeance. Thanks for being there for me, keep watching out for more recipes, posts and special offers,  and just thanks for being there.

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