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What is going on in the kitchen garden this month.

Asparagus: Step by step

This is the step by step story of how I managed to get my Asparagus Bed ready and my Asparagus crowns planted despite the freezing ground and wet and damp dire Spring weather. Almost gave up, but the thought of being able to eat those juicy, tender Asparagus stems, dripping with melted butter, lemon zest […]

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A Food Bloggers Dilemma ……

A Food Bloggers Dilemma …… What does a food blogger do when they no longer have time to cook lovely food to photograph and write about? And their Kitchen Garden is being ‘wound up’, ready to hand over to the new owners? That’s the dilemma Erik and I have at the moment.  In just under […]

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Courgette Chutney – What do I do with the rest of them now? Recipe

Astrid and I are big fans of Courgettes (or Zucchini) and every year we have the same problem – what the hell do we do with all of them when they rush to harvest point. Battered and fried. Courgette and tomato lasagna. Courgette soup. Fresh sliced thin with lemon juice and black pepper. Now, thanks […]

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