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The perfect crunchy Winter Salad, Celeriac Remoulade

Celeriac Remoulade Recipe

Who would believe that this wierd, knobbly vegetable could be transformed into incredible dishes that taste unbelievably good.  At first glance, it looks ugly, almost scary, but a quick scrub and a good peeler or knife can transform this into shards of a smooth, cream vegetable that can be cooked in a variety of ways. […]

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Astrid & Erik’s Fantasy Christmas Buffet Party – with Wine Matching & Recipes

Astrid & Erik’s Fantasy Christmas Buffet Party Christmas Buffet Party for 20 guests  Antipasti Platter (Large platter made up of a selection of Parma Ham, Bresaola, Salami with Fennel Seeds, Pepperoni, Olives, Caperberries, Juicy Melon, Tiny yellow & red Tomatoes, Slices of salty cheese, Radishes with small bowl of Maldon Salt, Marinated Mushrooms and drizzled […]

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Healthy and tasty Hummus

Hummus: Recipe

HUMMUS (or Houmous, however you like to spell it, it tastes gorgeous). This Hummus Recipe will give you a brilliant and healthy dish of Middle Eastern origins, loved by adults and children alike. So says my 8 month old grandaughter, Tilly, relishing her first course of Hummus and mini-crispy breadstick.  Her twin, Bella, out of […]

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The Richness of Raspberry Vinegar: Recipe

Recipe: The Richness of Raspberry Vinegar The richness of Raspberry Vinegar is as strong and sensual as its colour, and it has a myriad of amazing uses when partnered with food. Whilst Astrid has been working her wonders with our bounty of Apples, I have been researching the alchemy of Raspberries and wondering what to […]

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