Book Reviews – The First of Many ….

Book Reviews – The First of Many ….

Time to get started on Book Reviews. Why am I reviewing them?  Books of all types have been important to me from a very early age.  History books (still love them),  books on ponies, ballet and Greek and Norse myths and legends.  My father, Stan, was a voracious reader, and encouraged me from an early age to trawl his bookshelves. So from Dad’s shelves, Micky Spillane detective tales, Zane Grey cowboy stories, Hammond Innes adventures, and especially World War II stories (at 12 years old I was expert at escaping from Prisoner of War camps and knew all our planes (including the noise of the engines) and stories and heroes from the Battle of Britain – not bad for a girl).

Just a few of Astrid’s cookbooks … heavens, I need a tidy up.

Gradually cookbooks entered my world, and I have hundreds, quite a few historical, such as The Roman Cookery of Apicus by John Edwards, To the King’s Taste (The King being Richard II) by Lorna Sass andElinor Fettiplace’s Receipt Book by Hilary Spurling, right up to the recentSmall Adventures in Cooking by James Ramsden and The Modern Pantry Cookbook by Anna Hansen.

My first official Book Review is about the award-winning cookbook, Black Pudding & Foie Gras.  Click to read it.

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