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Tomato Ketchup Recipe: The tomato’s finest hour

Tomato Ketchup Recipe: The tomato’s finest hour The time: The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is a fall of tawny leaves and a breath of woodsmoke away. The garden vines are blushing a musk of passing summer and the bounty of tomatoes collects, more bruised and pulpy, in the pantry bowl. Oh, man, what […]

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The Richness of Raspberry Vinegar: Recipe

Recipe: The Richness of Raspberry Vinegar The richness of Raspberry Vinegar is as strong and sensual as its colour, and it has a myriad of amazing uses when partnered with food. Whilst Astrid has been working her wonders with our bounty of Apples, I have been researching the alchemy of Raspberries and wondering what to […]

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A Rye Look at Bread Adventuring: Recipe

Recipe: A Rye Look at Bread Adventuring As you can read in Food Adventures in the menu above we have recently been on a day’s ‘Breaducation’ course at the Feast Rising Bakery in Hull. It all went great with artisan baker Patrick Crabtree there to encourage us and guide us along. But what happens 3 […]

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