Andrew Pern opening in York

Andrew Pern opening in York:

Thrilled to read the news that Andrew Pern, chef and owner of  the beautiful Star Inn at Harome, North Yorkshire, is to open a new eatery in York in Autumn.  ‘The Star Inn the City’ (just love the name) will be in the renovated former Engine house, situated in the stunning surroundings of the Museum Gardens which meander down to the river bank,  just passed the ancient Lendal Bridge. Museum Gardens, York
Museum Gardens, York

A few years ago, I used to work in York at the prestigious shop, Mulberry Hall.

The beautiful Mulberry Hall

The beautiful Mulberry Hall

I was manageress of their newly opened Dining Warehouse, a shop overflowing with modern tableware and cookware.  Half asleep, I used to get the train at 7.00am from Brough to York station, often have a quick hot-chocolate at the station buffet to fuel me up then trot across Lendal Bridge along with the other commuters to the centre of York.  The beautiful Museum Gardens are just past the bridge, and house all sorts of historical gems.  So for Andrew Pern to choose this setting for his new restaurant really gets the thumbs up from Erik and myself.

And that’s before I mention the food!  Andrew’s cooking skills are known world wide, and after having spent a large part of the day last year watching Andrew demonstrate his prowess in the restaurant kitchen at Harome, I realised that he is a chef who is not just gifted but one who really loves his craft.

Locally sourced food will be a feature, of course.  Some readers of this blog may know that my ‘Designer’ son, Anthony, designed Andrew’s first award-winning cookbook, “Black Pudding & Foie Gras” in which Andrew introduces us to all lot of his suppliers, and tells their stories.

Erik and myself allow ourselves an ‘adventure’ every so often, and a day out in York, with lunch included, is always a day to look forward to.  So Andrew Pern opening ‘The Star Inn the City’ will be definitely on our list for a very special lunch.

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