An Old Scrubber! (And thank goodness for the AGA)

An Old Scrubber! (And thank goodness for the AGA):

6.15 in the morning, and I’m at my desk already – words are the only thing that come very easy this time of the morning, then gradually the rest of my body and bones wake up.

Just a quick few words – I’m off to see my son, Anthony, at his house the other side of Leeds.  He and his lovely wife are within days of their dream coming true. Babies, not just one, but two – their twins – are expected to be born within the week.  ‘Mum to be’ has only just finished work, bless her, and is enjoying this well-earned short rest before the big event.  Anthony is just about to bring out his next cookbook with Michelin star chef, James Mackenzie, entitled ‘On The Menu’  in September (see Face Publications) so is working flat out to make it another cookbook to remember.  The aura of expectations in this household is amazing, almost tangible!

Quiche for our lunch

Damp was discovered in their house, everywhere, so within the last few weeks a great team of builders has been sorting it all our, and making it a house fit for babies. So the two ‘Grannies to Be’, myself and Eileen  are setting off in Erik’s trusty Volvo, complete with old clothes, gloves, dusters, scrubby things to get plaster off the tiled floors and scrub down both the kitchen and bathroom to within an inch of their lives to prepare for The Twins. Ant’s dad, David, has been hard at work sanding, scrubbing, covering knot holes in the wood etc before he embarks on covering the walls with emulsion and glossing the woodwork.  The Twins bedroom is just waiting for one wall to have a covering of colourful wallpaper, complete with denim blue owls, bright yellow, apple green, brick red and turquoise fun animals.

Last Saturday was a hard day – we started work there at 9.30am and worked through until 7.30pm,  and then it was an hour and a quarter’s drive home.  I’ve only just recovered from that, but although today will be tough, it shouldn’t be quite as hard.  We just want to help make the house lovely and clean so that new Mum can come home with The Twins and the house will welcome them with a sparkle.

Quiche with flowers – well, they are so pretty!

OK.  This is a food blog, I know.  So I am taking along two quiches I made yesterday (well, to be honest, I made five – three to freeze).  A big one today, for all of us hungry workers, complete with salad leaves and tiny Sungold tomatoes all from our Kitchen Garden.  And one medium one for Anthony and wife to freeze, which may come in handy when The Twins have arrived.  Quiches are one of the many reasons that I bought my AGA – no baking blind with this cooker – just put the pastry shell, complete with uncooked filling, on the flat iron floor of the roasting oven for approx. 20/25 minutes, then put on the top shelf of the baking oven for a further 10 minutes and it’s ready.  No messing about with beans or dried peas.  It’s great.

So excited about The Twins – no-one knows whether they are boys or girls because the parents to be wanted it this way – they were just so thrilled to be expecting.  So ‘Granny’ Astrid has dusted off her crochet needle after about 40 years and is crocheting 2 multi-coloured blankets to allow for either a new grandson, granddaughter or one of each!

Now that I’ve started crocheting again, must make one for Emmi (aged 2), Archie (aged 3) and a Top Gear one in black and silver for Jay (aged 11 and three-quarters, going on 15).  Bless ’em all.  I’m a lucky Granny!

Must dash now and wash my hair before I go – can’t go scrubbing floors looking like an old scrubber.  Not worth doing my nails beautifully though – even I know that would be foolish.


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