A Food Bloggers Dilemma ……

A Food Bloggers Dilemma ……

What does a food blogger do when they no longer have time to cook lovely food to photograph and write about? And their Kitchen Garden is being ‘wound up’, ready to hand over to the new owners?

That’s the dilemma Erik and I have at the moment.  In just under 8 weeks time (if all things go smoothly), Erik and I, plus 2 dogs and a fluffy cat, should be downsizing to a smaller house. But the task of sorting this one out gives me nightmares!  And the fact that we have a chest freezer in the shed near the house, and a fridge-freezer in the utility room that both need emptying means our diet right now consists of lots and lots of Runner Beans, Broad Beans (yummy), especially the Broad Bean & Pea Bruschetta, prawns, Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puds (bought for the grandchildren), pots of home-made Smoked Mackerel Pate, cartons of home-made Soup (Lovage, Carrot & Lentil, Roasted Tomato & Garlic, Celery, Spicy Parsnip, Turkey) and lots of ‘odds and sods’.  Good job we like Soup!

Broad Beans shelled & ready for freezing

Plus the odd packet of Smoked Salmon dredged up from the bottom of the freezer – oh, luxury with a sprinkling of lemon or lime juice – and loads of Raspberries from our very generous Raspberry canes.  So although we can put together a reasonable meal, and not starve, our meals are not that photogenic at the moment. What  a wonderful bounty our Kitchen Garden has given us over the 4 years since we built it.  We’ve sort of grown into it – got better at it, year by year.  And now, fingers crossed, we will have the garden more than big enough for another Kitchen Garden. And I will be able to plan a great Asparagus Bed, with at least 3 types of Asparagus plants, to spread the short season as long as possible. Sarah Raven’s Asparagus Plants collection consists of 2 types (available to order now for delivery in March – just perfect for my plans). Plus I want to grow again the Purple Asparagus, so I will be scouring the plant catalogues for a good one to compliment Sarah’s collection.

Gold & Red Raspberries plus Plum Tomatoes

We have such lovely memories of creating our Kitchen Garden, and Jacob, the eldest of our 5 grandchildren, has always enjoyed being involved.  He adores raw vegetables, and whenever he came to stay, he would ask what he could pick (and eat).  This is one of my favourite photos of him, a few years ago, after picking our Runner Beans. At either end of the Bean rows, I had planted Sweet Peas, and so Jacob is standing in a tunnel of Bean and Sweet Pea plants.

Jacob picking Runner Beans

In my mind I am already planning the new Kitchen Garden, and before long I will be able to show you what the new garden looks like.  Meanwhile, we’ll keep packing, and keep eating up our freezers.  Hopefully some of our meals will be photogenic, so keep watching how we solve our Food Bloggers Dilemma.

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