A Christmas Adventure

Erik and myself have just had a brilliant Christmas adventure – we took our lives in our hands and embarked on a drive through the flooded English countryside, preferring to ignore the dire warnings of the travel experts, and motored down to the heart of the Cotwolds, for my niece’s Wedding.  It was a truly magical weekend, full of laughs, fun and with lots of love floating in and around Tetbury in Gloucester.  I will write up our adventure story after Christmas, and re-live the amazing places we visited, but right now it’s Christmas Eve, and we have to dash out to pick up the Turkey and last minute food.

Last year’s Christmas, well documented in our blog, was overflowing with family, and we loved it.  But with our move to Hornsea less than a month away, our house is resembling a fortress of cardboard boxes, piled high around the walls – plus dismantled furniture ready for selling on EBay, or for donating to local charities, so we thought it unfair to ask the family to share it with us.  Luckily they are ‘doing their own thing’ this year, so Erik and I, along with our 2 dogs and fluffy cat, will be eating our Turkey all on our own.

Traditional Roast Turkey – courtesy of Good Food

This is (hopefully) what our Roast Turkey and all the trimmings will look like tomorrow, and I know that we will enjoy it, but we will be thinking of family and friends when we clink our glasses at the start of the meal.

We just want to wish everyone we know, and the readers of our blog, a very Happy Christmas, with our thoughts going to all those in the UK who are suffering terribly from the horrendous floods.  And let’s hope that 2013 will be a year when there appears to be light at the end of the recessions suffered by so many countries, and peace will come to those who have suffered through horrendous wars.

For Erik and myself, after suffering rather a difficult year, we appreciate that we are lucky to have the excitement of moving house, and have a lot to look forward to in 2013.  Ever the optimist, I do hope that there is a glimmer of hope for everyone in 2013, so we just want to say ‘Happy New Year’, and really mean it.

 Our Christmas Adventure story will be written up as soon as I have time, so look out for it.  What with a haunted house, a beautiful couple and a lot of laughs, I’m looking forward to writing it for the blog.  Happy Christmas, once again.

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