10% off Sweet Peas – Ends Sunday 26th January

There are only 2 days left to buy the beautiful collections of Sarah Raven’s Sweet Pea Plants and Seeds with 10% off.

Ends Sunday 26th January 2014

My favourite collections are: Vintage Silk Sweet Pea Collection Sarah Raven
Vintage Silk Sweet Pea Collection
Sarah Raven

This beautiful Vintage Silk Sweet Pea Collection, with it’s delicate, subtle colours,  contains one of the oldest Sweet Peas known, “Cupani”, the deepest of lilacs and vivid purples, with a scent so glorious  that just makes me smile with pleasure at writing about it.  “Cupani” and a lot of these particular Sweet Peas are available as Winter-grown plants that will be delivered straight to your home, ready to plant out, in March 2014. The ready-to plant Sweet Pea plants are a godsend for such as myself, who hasn’t (yet) been lucky enough to have a greenhouse or big shed in which to grow the plants from seed.  But for those of you with the right facility,  there is a huge choice of Sweet Peas to grow from seed as well.  I imaging this Vintage Silk Sweet Pea collection either in a big container or scrambling through some big shrubs. Harlequin Sweet Pea Mix Sarah Raven
Harlequin Sweet Pea Mix
Sarah Raven

This Harlequin Sweet Pea Mix is a collection of ‘happy’, very bright colours – a mix of 3 different highly-scented old varieties.  In our garden we now have areas fenced off with picket fences, to make dog-free areas for the grandchildren (and me) to wonder around barefoot on the lawn in summer.  I’m just making up my mind which of these collections will drape up and over the picket fence in summer, and I quite fancy this Harlequin Sweet Pea Mix covering the fence with summer colours, not forgetting the wonderful aromatic scent that will waft around the garden during the day, and early in a summer’s evening.  Pure heaven!.

10% off Sarah Raven Sweet Peas
Opal Sweet Pea Mix
Sarah Raven

This Opal Sweet Pea Mix is a subtle mixture of both delicate and bright colours, containing 3 different highly-scented old varieties. Just love it, and imagine a big bunch of these flowers in an old jug, centre stage on your dining table in Summer.  Imagine the scent as you sit down to lunch, or dinner!

10% off Sarah Ravens Sweet Peas

This is, I believe, not the Opal collection but the “Onyx”, and is, according to Sarah Raven, the richest, darkest colour, brightened up by the pale stippled “Starlight” to add a lighter touch, and all this beautiful colour comes with an intensely rich scent.  Stunning.  Imagine it scrambling up my archway, in amongst my newly planted creamy-white roses in Summer.  It will be a feast, both for the eyes and and nose.  Can’t wait to see this in my garden, and I will be able to sit in the lounge and see this from my settee. Venetian Sweet Pea Mix Sarah Raven
Venetian Sweet Pea Mix
Sarah Raven

This Venetian Sweet Pea Mix is a best-seller from Sarah Raven.  Dark, dramatic and with a very rich scent, this looks stunning with bright green foliage. There are more wonderful collections to choose from, still with 10% off.

Don’t forget, this offer of 10% off Sweet Peas ends Sunday 26th January, 2014

If you love Sweet Peas, their superb colours and aromatic scent, don’t miss this brilliant offer, for Sweet Pea plants or seeds, which can be used as climbing plants, or as plants that scramble through bushes or over fences or can be border plants in your garden.

And, a very important point,  that Sweet Peas will attract the bees and make them very happy.

Click Here to read about the 10% off Sarah Raven’s Sweet Pea Collections.


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